Sam Fender chewed his face in frustration as the careers of George Ezra and Hozier exploded and his non-music news


    Sam Fender chewed his face in frustration "as the careers by George Ezra and Hozier and his not explode.

    The "Dead Boys" hitmaker wanted to be "desperate" a pop star and felt exhausted when a whole group of singer / songwriters and bands called Catfish and the Bottlemen & # 39; He decided to take one more career by writing tracks that were related to everyone.

    In an interview with British newspaper I, he confessed, "Everyone exploded while I did not

    "I chewed on my face in frustration, so desperate to do it as they did to write pop songs because I thought people might like them.

    "Then I realized that if I fail, I can just as well fail on my own terms with songs that I realize you believed in."

    The 23- Star, who had auditioned for acting roles for years, worked in a bar to save money so he could go to London every time he got a phone call to sample.

    But after he did not He was lucky and had no more money, so he decided to try some music.

    When he was 18 years old, his manager in the pub asked him to sit down. In the corner of the room he played the guitar and finally played with Ben Howard's manager, who immediately rebuilt his talent.

    Earlier this year, Sam won the BRITs Critics' Choice Award, and in turn since then supported his idol Bob Dylan in Hyde Park and shot with the Debut "Hypers

    The singer of "Poundshop Kardashians" comes from the working class and has admitted that he can hardly get used to it, and he has recently cut out alcohol for him to do so "keep your head straight" and try to absorb h is success.

    He said, "I'm going through a phase of abstinence.

    "I have to cut things so I can hold my head straight, because there are already so many ups and downs, and I do not need chemicals to make things worse.

    "I'm just trying to absorb everything, and I have not taken in anything yet."


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