Lizzo felt excluded as a child because "nobody on television looked like me" – Music News


    Lizzo wondered what was going on with her growing up because of her I looked very different from everyone else on television and in magazines.

    The Truth Hurts hitmaker's fight to find famous role models as a child has ruined her head and made her feel unwell.

    "I would see things on TV and I would watch magazines and I would not see myself," she told British Vogue. "If you do not see yourself, you begin to think that something is wrong with you, then you want to look like these things, and when you realize that it's a physical impossibility, you begin to wonder what the hell is wrong with me "

    " I think that put a lot more psychological strain on me than what anyone could have said to me. "

    While she really enjoys her success now, the 31- Years old is still struggling with fear and is grateful that her fame did not materialize when she was younger.

    "I think if I were 21 now, I could not sustain that lifestyle without a major have anxiety and panic attacks, "the star admitted.

    And although she still sometimes struggles to hold herself together, Lizzo strains her nerves to take her achievements to the next level.

    "If I'm com me Before a show I am very, very worried. I'm getting harder and harder when I perform and I'm just going crazy, "she shares with D." I do not know why, but my fear sometimes drives who I am as a performer and who I am as an artist. "


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